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With the theme "Shopping At Eagle Rock" the Idaho Falls Chapter of the Idaho Writer's League presents the State IWL Conference for 2014
September 26-27, 2014
Hotel on the Falls
475 River Parkway
Idaho Falls. Id 83402
Rates for all rooms are $75. 

(Google will give you a great map)


Meet one-on-one with agent Amy Tipton. Her time at the conference can only be short and exclusive so she has agreed to give six writers a full critique of the first 20 pages of a novel, and let you pitch it. You'll get 20 uninterrupted minutes of an agent's time for $40. 
Watch here for details of what will get you through the door, and where to send your synopsis and manuscript. 

Also, Ray Rhamey uses the first page of a writer's work to drive his workshop. We'll ask for submissions and give you an address soon. Great opportunity to let a master look at what you can do, and sing your praises or suggest ways to improve the hook. All work will be critiqued and either discussed in a session or sent to you after the conference. Wonderful opportunity to get an opinion from someone who knows.